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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  September 13, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the two were scheduled to go to court thursday in an assault case, where par, the driving force behind the speed bumps -- where carr, the driving force behind the speed from in his home attacked -- said patton had attacked him in his own driveway in june. an officer got a frantic call from the girlfriend who locked herself in the bathroom. >> we do not know the condition. she made a comment that he is dying on the living-room floor. >> stephen carr was the dead. neighbors say he got a petition to build the speed bump and install warning signs, something that patton protested when he drove past.
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carr was well known in this neighborhood for this kind of activity along his streak. >> the these are not talking about a motive, but certainly are talking to neighbors about the background about the argument over the speed bump. they learned at about 20 years ago he was a sheriff's deputy in the city of alexandria. >> as this investigation continues, it turns out that david patton could be facing more charges. >> and some breaking news at this hour, in southeast washington, an armored truck employee with shot at a popeyes restaurant. we're live on the scene at malcolm x ave. >> tonight, police are looking
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for that gun man who escaped on foot. witnesses tell us that he escaped around to 3:00 pm and they had seen the armored truck with two people park around eight. police tell us that a gun man walked up to the truck and was trying to rob it. witnesses say they heard an exchange of gunfire. one of the armored truck employees was shot and the gun man ran off. the other employee drove his injured partner to the united medical center. he was bleeding badly, but conscious. there were a lot of people across the street and here is what these two men say they saw and heard. >> it was right there, right at popeyes. there was one shot and that was it.
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[unintelligible] >> back here live right now, police tell us no money was taken and no one else besides the driver was injured. no condition on the victim has been released and, again, they're still looking for the lone gunman. >> emotions are running high in the district on this primary eve. tomorrow, voters will be choosing their candidates in a race where accusations have been running rampant. we're live in northwest washington with a last-minute campaigning. >> charges and countercharges, as you said. a lot of campaigning going on here today. mayor fenty is still here on the scene. he just had a pep rally with his troops. the longest election in d.c. history is about to come to an end. early voting began two weeks ago and is just now ending. they locked the door about 20
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minutes ago, letting people inside who were still there, but anyone else will have to wait until polls open at 7:00 a.m. and close tomorrow evening at 8:00 p.m. >> [unintelligible] [crowd chanting] >> mayor adrian fenty came dressed in donovan mcnabb's #5, but it said fenty on the back. while the candidates has started late, the mayor's gifted. vincent gray, who is leading in the polls, called on democrats to come out and vote tomorrow. >> we have run a vigorous and good campaign. >> asked about the alleged guilt -- vote buying, gray said his campaign had nothing to do with it.
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he said it is opponent was giving away gift cards to get people to the polls. >> ernest jones -- >> we have got to reorganize our government. >> suleman brown -- >> it is a very important election regardless who you vote for. >> but for most voters is mayor fenty. we ran into tom daschle. >> i voted for mayor fenty. i think he has done a good job. >> and a woman who has been laid off said she voted for gray, not fenty. >> i am out of a job. i am not feeling him right now. >> there is no official count on early voting. the when it began this morning, about 22,000 people had already voted. in d.c., democratic primary winners are all but guaranteed a win in the november election.
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>> there are other races at stake as well. coming up, we will have more on the primaries in d.c. and in maryland. including the spot that bob ehrlich picked up to date as he tries to set up a rematch with gov. o'malley. >> officers found bombs inside an apartment. around 10:45 p.m. last night, officers were responding to reports we're inside the apartment, they found three pipe bombs and bomb making materials as well. the materials were taken to a safe location where they could be disrupted -- destroyed. bureauce george's county chiefs has the word on how long this strike could last. >> at this point, no one knows how long this strike could last.
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as a matter of fact, it was something of a surprise to the company that operates the buses, the county, and even many of the drivers that showed up for work today. they found out then that the teamsters union called for the strike ban. thousands of -- called for the strike then. thousands of people were left without a ride. >> i waited for 45 minutes and the boss never showed up. >> one writer told us his patience is wearing thin. >> the people in the county and the bus are not going to reimburse me any money or give me a job. >> they say their strike is about money and health care, but mostly about how drivers' safety violations are handled. it >> because you might run a yellow light. i think it is harassment a lot
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of times. >> the drivers work for a company that runs the buses for the county. the negotiations have been ongoing since the labor deal expired in june. >> the issues have to be resolved as far as the execution of our safety program. >> all of this leave the writers of the bus on the curb and fuming. -- leaves the bus riders on the curb and fuming. >> it costs too much money to catch a cab. >> we do not belong -- how long the bidders will be out here, but the word we're getting is that tomorrow they hoped for more replacement drivers and supervisors out on the road and in buses trying to pick people up and get them where they need to go. you can go to our own
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and click on abc7 to see which rates are running and how often. >> redskins fans are celebrating the first game win over the dallas cowboys. what do you think about the team's chances for the rest of the season? hard-core fans are basking. michael mendelson -- >> michael mendelson sports burgundy and gold from his head to his toes. he now lives in fort worth, texas, and he flew in for last night's game. mendelssohn wears his love for the team on his legs, but on this day after the game, the more conventional jersey, old and new, was the most visible sign of this region's respect for the redskins. >> i have seen jerseys and
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people waiting -- waving. >> nearly 91,000 fans packed the field and one fan said, the noise was comparable to the days of rfk. and that along with winning the season opener against dallas is good enough for most. >> [unintelligible] >> fans dissecting the team's performance of their feeling fairly optimistic. >> yeah, we should win some ballgames. afterward -- >> after what i saw yesterday, we still have a lot of work to do. >> things are looking good for us. >> skins vans are not gloating today, but they are savoring their first win over the cowboys since 2008 -- september of 2008.
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>> coming of my team reaction to the games up and downs. -- coming out, team reaction to the games up and downs. >> there is good weather from last night's game that carry over through today. >> more of the same, a little bit of rain yesterday, just enough to wash the fallen out of the air. but that is about it. our chances of rain are very slim over the next five or six days. low to mid 80's in the metro area. sunshine, and a very refreshing breeze outside as well. it is warm around the area, 88 degrees in leesburg and frederick. 84 in buie. temperatures will drop to the mid 70's with an overnight in
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the 50's. 56 to 52 will be the temperature range in the morning. igor is almost a category 5 hurricane out in the atlantic. a lot more, coming out. >> coming up, would you pay toll to get around the metro area? that is an idea that is being tossed around, but could it become a reality? >> and san bruno's gas explosion could lead to major problems around the country. >> we will raise your spirits with a preview of what is taught at the movies this fall. >> this is my chance to do something really big. >> oprah began her final season with a bang.
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>> some television viewers may cents an and vanara. the final season of the oprah winfrey show began today. >> the talk show queen is going out with a bang. caroline lyders caught up with
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one lucky audience member and she joins us now with more. >> it is incredible today. oprah basically hand picked her audience for this show basically -- based on their own personal stories. the woman you hear screaming behind me, tiffany williams from d.c., she flew out for the taping last week and watched it from this capitol hill restaurant. >> tiffany still watches an online clip of her favorite talk-show host and act -- in wonder. that is because she was in the audience when oprah kicked off the final season of her talk show. >> she has been an inspiration for me and learning life skills from watching her show has empowered me to be a better woman. >> she spent the first show of her final season surprising that people she calls her ultimate viewers. there were even a few surprises
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for the host herself. >> in node they didn't. >> but the biggest surprise of all was it saved for last. but this is my last chance to do something really big. >> haut press audience -- oprah's audience was caught by surprise as they found out she was taking them to the outback. eight days and seven nights of sightseeing in australia. >> they put a box of tissues under your chair. i went through a half a box. >> not only an adventure, but a farewell. >♪ >> so emotional for them. oprah will take at least two
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shows from sydney, australia in december. again, a d.c. resident tiffany williams will once again be part of the audience. tonight, we will tell you a little bit more about tiffany and why she was one of those that was handpicked for the show today. >> thanks, caroline. moving on, one of the most damaging wild fires in colorado history could be contained in the next few hours. the flames have all but destroyed 169 homes in the city of boulder. meanwhile, a new wild fire erupted said -- sunday in dublin. firefighters rushed there to save homes. hurricane igor is currently a category four that could reach hurricane -- that could reach category five strength.
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that is quite a picture. >> it is amazing. >> no indication that it will pose any threat to the continental u.s., but bermuda could be right in the past by saturday -- right in its path by saturday. >> let's put this hd camera in motion during the day in frederick. just a few clouds around sunrise and fog. it was down to about zero visibility for a while. 84 degrees here in arlington. 84 in chevy chase. 81 at the capitol. let's talk about igor. igor has a psychic, a tropical storm julia. a lot -- has a sidekick, a tropical storm julia.
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156 miles per hour would make it category five. that is big, though. it is okay where aid is. the concern is it -- where it is. the concern is going forward, where it's going to be. it is seney and 86 degrees in fairfax. 82 in gaithersburg. 84 degrees in the week. the -- in the week. -- in buie. kansas city, up to 87. a lot of warmth. that trend is going to be the hallmark of our weather ihere over the next couple of weeks.
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storm-wise, there is not much to watch. a little bit of a cold front coming through and maybe a few showers tomorrow, but all we will see from this is a continuation of breezy weather. temperatures will be cool, but that is it. most of the action will be up north. lots of sunshine, and 80 degrees. on friday, another system could come through. it could probably follow the same path and give us some rain by friday. temperatures averaging 80 degrees in the afternoon. sunshine tomorrow, sunshine through the day on wednesday. back near 80 degrees on thursday, and then on friday, a
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few showers possible. been clearing out for the weekend. -- then a clearinghouse for the weekend. -- clearing out for the weekend. just a few showers on friday morning and that is it. the cracks coming up -- >> coming up, a new road to help you get around faster. when the parkway's going to be completed. and who knew what before massive gas
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>> federal investigators are in san bruno, calif., trying to figure out what led to the deadly explosion there. >> this was shot right after the explosion. investigators are trying to track down anyone who reported smelling gas before the explosion. >> this is exhibits "a" in the ntsb investigation. >> we want to know about the fatigue fracture that is associated with pressurizing and depressurizing that could be regaining its like any anger
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back-and-forth. >> the owner, p.g. anti-, said -- pg &e said the risk of this location was unacceptably high. monday, they refuted their own report. they said the lines had been tested as recently as march. >> this was not one of the high risk sections of the pipeline. >> the california energy commission has ordered them to investigate all 600 miles of the pipeline. crumbling infrastructure is not just california's problem. according to the agency overseeing the pipeline, there were over 200 incidences last year alone and 40 different datz. >> -- 40 different datz. >> we have a 160 year-old pipe
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running through our neighborhood. >> experts say that san burdo was the canary in the coal mine. >> investigators are asking residents if they remember seeing [unintelligible] that could indicate leaking gas. >> touch is the home are being sent underground to them miners trapped underground. >> and an investigation involving some local nuns. >> would you use a
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after four years, adrian fenty is now apologizing. he never apologized for giving control of $82 million in city contracts to his frat brothers. no apology for his secret trips and missed appearances, for record-high unemployment and overspending the budget. and no apology for what the washington post calls "silly fights with the d.c. council," "unnecessary government secrecy," "shutting out community voices." we're sorry, mayor fenty -- some things you just can't forgive.
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>> this is abc7 news at 5:00 p.m., on your side. >> paying to drive on the metro area's main highways and id you think that will happen? >> a new federal study will find out what it would take for people to pay up. chris joins us with the details. >> it is safe to say that it is pretty much plenty of agreement that traffic in our region is a problem. this report goes outside the box to look at rapid bus service, development patterns, how to get people closer to work, and even
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looks at the idea of widespread tolls. calling it a what if the scenario, transportation officials are looking at paine for a system of -- at paying for a system of tools in our area. >> i would probably find it pretty annoying if i had to do it every time i got out for a shopping trip or something like that. >> paying for the use of the road is probably pretty good way to go about it. >> it is not a good idea. it would affect a lot of people's pockets who are already paying a lot for gasoline, public transportation costs going up. >> the report suggests the variable price lane on the beltway, 66, 95, 270 and others would increase travel speeds by
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15 to 20 miles per hour. >> i think it should be open to everyone. i do not think we should have to pay for it. >> the report is funded largely by the federal government. some $400,000 went into it. it is designed to spark conversation, not provide conclusive answers. live in the newsroom, chris van cleve, abc7 news. >> a new study said hand sanitizer does not do much good in keeping away colts. researchers at the university -- keeping away the cold. researchers at the university of virginia compared to those that have all in it and those that do not. the results were surprising.
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>> a federal agency is changing a crucial policy on illegal immigrants, apparently in response to a fatal collision in colusa county. partners at wtap radio first reported the story. if cracks the horrible collision -- >> the world book collision killed one sister and injured two other nuns. an illegal immigrant with two drum driving arrests through gasoline -- and drunk driving arrests threw gasoline on an hot topic.g the legislation would call for deportation.
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alesi previous policy did not previous policy did not call for a hold of the illegal aliens charged. the policy would lock of illegal aliens charged with d y and keep them there through the -- and charged with a d y and keep them there 3 the -- the policy would lock of illegal aliens charged illegaldui and keep them -- charged with a dui and keep them there until they are deported. >> they will most likely keep one charged with a violent offense rather than one charged with drunken driving. >> some students are getting a pat on the back from the
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superintendent after the release of the latest s.a.t. scores. it turns out the class of 2010 produced the county's highest ever combined scores on the test. 144 points above the national average. in virginia, seniors scored slightly higher than the national average on the reading and writing sections, but slightly lower than the average on the math portion. >> a review of last month's statewide computer failure in virginia. a glitch stalled driver's license renewals and caused problems at welfare offices as well. a new finding could find that negligence caused the problem. >> the final 2 miles in the fairfax county parkway will allow for senior trips from
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interstate 95 to herndon. southbound lanes will open a week from tomorrow. it is named after a state trooper charles conflict in died in 2002 in a motorcycle accident. >> we're looking at some of the bad delays on the beltway's east side because of a crash on the outer loop of the beltway near the rte. 5 branch ave. right now, is just the left lane. a little while ago the whole thing was closed. all lanes open on the inner loop. you are looking live around pennsylvania avenue and as you can see, a bunch of delays already. the left side of the camera is the beltway outer loop going toward the american legion bridge. there is some slow traffic.
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there was a track -- a crash on the left side of your screen. the traffic is slow coming out of tyson's corner as a result. >> coming up, a popular diet drug could soon be pulled from store shelves. the movies you will be talking about this fall. the next new at 6:00 p.m., -- >> new at 6:00 p.m., a twist in th
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to see how we can help your cash flow situation. pnc. for the achiever in us all. what's the fall means cooler temperatures -- >> the fall means cooler temperatures, football and a new batch of highly anticipated movies. >> we have a fall preview. >> the movies' grow up in the autumn. the kids are in the summer and the fall and winter are more serious and award conscious. it will include a harry potter and venture, a comedy with jack nicholson and harrison ford, and this week, and affleck as a blue-collar role. >> and affleck directs and stars
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in the town -- ben affleck directs and stars in "mccown." october 1 brings the -- in "the town." october 1 brings a billion dollar idea. read stands for retired and extremely dangerous. morgan freeman leads a group of them. think of morning glory as the " delawares prada" of tv news. -- at as an "of that double where's prada." harry potter begins his final adventure november 19. natalie portman is getting an oscar buzz for black swan.
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and a romantic comedy might make a comeback in "how do you know?" a great cast includes jack nicholson, reese witherspoon and paul ride. -- paul rudd. the guy plays baseball for the mets in "how do you know?" >> morning glory looks really good. >> we should all go to a screening together. >> let's not and say we did. >> it will be fine. [laughter] >> coming up, the first lady has a big request for the restaurant industry and it could affect your meal. >> a new study shows screening
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>> a new study is contradicting some of what doctors have been
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telling patients about screening for prostate cancer. >> the latorsha joins us with more. gratz the man we met today is such an inspiration. he has not won, but two major -- he has not just one, but two major health care problems. >> you only have two choices. if one is to dig a hole and crawl in it, or you can keep on going. >> he went through radiation and shock, openly beating his cancer. however, in a new study, the study found that prostate screening with men young girl than 64 years old has no benefit
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-- men and younger than 64 years old has no benefit. >> i think it is hard to get a lot of men to screen for prostate cancer and when they hear that it is hard to get them to do it. my life has been tough, but he was looking to extend it further. the cracks he dealt with a double dose of adversity, but he is not -- >> he dealt with a double dose of adversity, but he is now letting it getting his way. -- get in his way. >> he is still working as a consultant right now and trying to enjoy each day. >> this is one of the first big decisions a new mom has to make and a new study reveals a very interesting trend when it comes to breastfeeding. 75% get at least some breast feeding. 90% of moms at least try it out
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across the nation. in our area, the study shows about 40% of mothers are still breastfeeding at six months. a diet pill could soon be coming off store shelves. the fda is aconsidering pulling meridia because data shows it can increase a person's chances of heart attack or stroke. the drug has already been pulled in europe. >> michelle obama is asking the nation's restaurants in helping her curb childhood obesity. there -- she is asking them today to offer healthier choices. brooks like substituting wheat pasta for white fossett -- >> flight says tooting wheat pasta for white pasta or cutting the cream, not enough to sacrifice flavor. we all like flavor.
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>> the changes do not have to be drastic, just a meaningful difference in the amount of calories. americans eat one-third of all of their meals at restaurants. >> amazing. tonight, three couples remain on bachelor pad and will be put through the ultimate chemistry test when they compete in a ballroom dancing competition. the >> it is so frustrating. i'm not picking my feet up correctly. i'm not getting it. >> you guys have to remember that the other couples are in the same boat. if cracks -- >> lets see you walk away with the $250,000 prize and who walks away with love. that is on the two-hour finale of bachelor pad. >> you sound like you mean it. >> that is followed by dating in
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the dark and then abc nevin -- abc7 news at 11:00 p.m. >> [unintelligible] [laughter] >> president obama goes off to talk to taxpayers about the struggling economy. what he has to say about that. also, congress has a fight about tax cuts. also new at 6:00 p.m., the mama at the center of the controversy the imam at the center of the controversial mosque in new york speak out. >> what is it looking like? >> maybe a few showers friday morning and that is it for the next six or seven days.
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we have the very latest on igor. in fact, our stormtracker is tracking two. that is julia, a tropical storm. onnwhile, let's concentrate igor, a category four storm. it has gusts up to 165 miles per hour. it poses a definite threat to bermuda by the weekend. it looks like it could pass over bermuda or close to bermuda late saturday as a category three your kaine. -- category three hurricane. also, here is some beautiful satellite animation of a hurricane igor. you actually see an eye and walt replacement cycle -- wall replacement cycle right before your eyes here.
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now andn the mid 80's will stay in the mid 80's the rest of the week. no talk of rain through the day tomorrow and in our seven-day, the only thing we have to offer a chance of a few showers on friday. >> thank you, doug. >> a great monday. everybody is in a great mood. we watched a redskins team that did not make a lot of errors. a game with a lot of different story lines, but only one result, 13-7, redskins. >> it ended with a well timed and well learned yellow flag. -- well earned yellow flag. two pivotal plays resonate
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today, the last play of the first half when dallas at its own 36 decided to run a play instead of running out the clock. hauled stripped the ball from choice and it scooped up and scored. >> i've never seen anything like that. just an outstanding football played by our guys. >> then, the last play of the game, dallas from the washington 13 with three seconds left. >> [unintelligible] >> pitoni romo scrambled and hit roy williams for the would-be winning touchdown, but hold everything. the official's flag alex baron for a holding. a no-brainer. game over, redskins win 13-7.
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>> i side and i was like, are they going to call it -- i seeing it and i was like, are they going to call it? >> afterward, mike chang and could exhale and celebrate a when as redskins of -- mike shanahan could exhale and celebrate his first win as the redskins' head coach. >> have the redskins not take in that field goal -- had the rest and not take in that field goal of the board, there
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>> the 33 chilean miners trapped more than 3,000 feet underground are rejoicing tonight. >> they likely will not be freed until november, but in the meantime, new technology is helping them communicate with the outside world. >> alain as has been is trapped in the mine, but she will soon have a reminder of him tomorrow.
5:58 pm
their first daughter will be induced and you'll be able to watch the whole thing from underground. -- he will be able to watch the whole thing from underground. this daughter tells her dad that everything is fine at home, comforting words that helped lift his spirits. at night, watching soccer games help to pass the time. >> we are fighting like the soccer players, he says, fighting to get out of this whole. over the weekend, 42 trucks brought in a giant will break. nasa has also sent in experts to help with the physical and mental stress. by november, the chilean government is hoping to have a 26 inch hole where the miners can squeeze into a cage for a
5:59 pm
three-hour ride to the surface. >> family and friends hope that they will soon see their loved ones emerge from that hole. >> coming up at 6:00 p.m. the night battle over taxes and the economy. president obama to of its latest campaign to fairfax -- took his latest campaign fight to fairfax county. and tough talk from the imam organizing the efforts for the islamic center in new york. in a case of murder. with investigators are saying tonight about this case. -- what investigators are saying tonight about this case. >> breaking news from southeast washington the police are looking for a gun man who shot the driver of an armored car.


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